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Makeup Application

With years of experience, we know that good results relies not only on expertise, but also the quality of product and tools. We at NK Beauty are committed to use only the best well known products and professional brands. Our kit contains a great selection of makeup that accommodate every skin tone and type. Rest assured, we will chose the right products and techniques for YOU!

Our Services


Skin Prep

The key to a natural flawless glowing complexion begins with a first-rate skin preparation. Before every makeup application, we will prepare your skin with the best selection of luxurious non comedogenic skincare products, catered for your skin type and sensibilities. That includes a cleanser, exfoliation (if necessary), toner, eye cream, serum or oils, moisturizer and primer. For even better results, we also offer mini facial services that includes masks for all needs and preferences: mattifying, hydrading, anti aging, glowy, pore tightening and brightening. Your skin will thank you for it!


Hair Styling

To complete your look, we also offer hair styling services for all events. Pleasing our clients is always our aim and mission. When it comes to altering a look, there is no compromise. We will dedicate to your desired style and use the best tools and professionally known products to achieve your look!

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